At EnCap BioTech, our comprehensive technological solutions will help industries to adapt a green and natural alternative to plastics, while providing value proposition such as, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties to the end product. Currently, we are focusing on the development of natural bio-based products to meet the needs of the food packaging/coating and cosmetics industries. We are confident that the our "Bioactive Formulation" and "Natural Beads" will make a significant commercial and social impact.

Intelligent Packaging and Coating for a Greener Future


The direct use of natural bioactive agents has limited commercial applications due to the possible rapid loss of their activity. There has also been a significant increase in prevalence of antibiotic, multidrug resistant bacterial strains, originating from the overuse of synthetic chemicals, which poses serious threats to public health.

The development of encapsulation system for the protection and controlled release natural bioactive substances therefore responds more to consumer demand of natural product while maintaining efficiency for commercial applications.

Our product will be based on natural, non-toxic, and GRAS (generally recognised as safe) biopolymers.

The aim is to encapsulate different natural bioactive compounds such as, antimicrobial and antioxidants, to develop innovative materials such as, bioactive paper/packaging, wipes, tissues, etc. for various packaging needs.

The Possibilities Are Endless


Since their appearance more than 50 years ago, plastics have become widespread in various applications including: personal care products, cosmetics products (PCCPs) and packaging applications, replacing natural and more renewable options.
US will ban the production and sales of personal care products and cosmetics containing plastic microbeads from July, 2017. Recently, Canadian government has announced its intention to ban the sale of shower gels, toothpaste, and facial scrubs containing plastic microbeads effective, July 1, 2018. Despite the upcoming ban, we can still find many personal care and cosmetics product (PCCPs) containing plastic beads in the market.

At Encap BioTech, we are developing all-natural bio-based beads of various sizes to replace synthetic plastic beads. We will address directly to the cosmetics industries with our all natural “EnCap Bio-bead”.


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