The Industry Leading BioScience Startup


We are a Fredericton (New Brunswick) based company dedicated to replacing petroleum based synthetic polymers (plastics) with innovative green inspired products.

Since their appearance more than 50 years ago, plastics have become widespread in various applications including: personal care/cosmetics products (PCCPs) and packaging applications, replacing natural and more renewable options. At EnCap BioTech, we are developing green, environment friendly, bio-based platform to replace plastics from several applications. Our products will not only be naturally biodegradable but also provide value proposition by imparting antimicrobial/antioxidants properties to the end-product. Our comprehensive bio-based technological solutions will help industries to adopt a green and natural alternative to plastics. We believe that our innovation will significantly reduce the dependency in plastics, reduce land/water pollution and provide the pathways for a greener future.
Our aim is to develop a range of products with bioactive formulations to replace synthetic polymers in food packaging, nutraceutical, cosmetics, and personal care products.