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Natural Bio-based platform for a Greener tomorrow

Welcome to EnCap BioTech, the Bioscience Startup paving the way to the future. We believe that our all-natural biopolymer based technology has the potential to become an industry sensation, to dramatically disrupt the marketplace and generate serious buzz.


Test Tubes

We are a Fredericton (New Brunswick) based company dedicated to replacing petroleum based synthetic polymers (plastics) with innovative green inspired products.


Go Green, Go Natural.

At EnCap BioTech, our comprehensive technological solutions will help industries to adapt a green and natural alternative to plastics, while providing value proposition such as, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties to the end product. Currently, we are focusing on the development of natural bio-based products to meet the needs of the food packaging/coating and cosmetics industries. We are confident that the our "Bioactive Formulation" and "Natural Beads" will make a significant commercial and social impact.

EnCap Bio-Bead.jpg
EnCap Bio-Bead.jpg

Natural Beads in a Petri Dish

EnCap Bio-Bead
EnCap Bio-Bead

Natural Beads

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

EnCap Bio-Bead.jpg
EnCap Bio-Bead.jpg

Natural Beads in a Petri Dish


Our passion for creating meaningful change for clients is what sets us apart. Our team is composed of individuals determined to make a change and works tirelessly in order to bring you a better tomorrow. Please have a look below to know about our team members.


Avik Khan

CEO & Co-Founder: avik.khan@encapbiotech.com

Dr. Avik Khan is biopolymer specialist with an academic background in chemical engineering (BSc, MS) and extensive research experience (PhD) in food microbiology, polymer nanocomposites, intelligent packaging, coating, and nanotechnology. He has more than 6 years of experience in working with biopolymers and natural antimicrobial agents. He is driven by his passion to establish innovative bioactive products.



221-130 Lian Street,
Fredericton, NB E3C0G4, Canada.




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